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A LGTBI+ perspective into the MEAM's Collection

Temporary exhibition

Joan Martí i Ventura, cultural manager, and Simon Perera, LGTB + activist, present the first exhibition in Catalonia and the Spanish state that interprets the catalog of a meso in code LGTB + with the Barcelona MEAM museum. Starting from important topics for the collective, such as trans, bisexual, lesbian and gay people, LGTBfobia or Pride, a journey through contemporary figurative art is made, giving voice to the different groups and individuals that are part of the LGTB + collective. .

The artists, whose works from our collection are intervened from this perspective, are the following:

  • Bruno di Maio
  • Manuel Hurtado Mateos
  • Roberto Ferri
  • Sofía Zuluaga
  • Iván Franco Fraga
  • Aldo Bahamonde
  • Maximilian Pfalzgraf
  • Fernando Pérez Beltrán
  • Angel Deangel
  • Ayuesh Agarwall
  • Lori Shorin
  • Roberto Carrillo
  • Francesco Federighi
  • Jaume Cassanyè
  • Adriel Prieto 



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