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Contemporary Chinese Realism

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The MEAM and TIAC Academy of Fine Arts Florence inaugurate on April 11 the exhibition Beyond Language - Contemporary Chinese Realism, a total of 55 works by 30 Chinese artists dedicated to the oil technique, among which the masters Xu Mangyao and Chen Danqing stand out.

An exclusive jury composed of Antonio López, Golucho, José Manuel Infiesta, and Xu Mangyao will award the three best works of the exhibition. The exhibition aims to offer the public the opportunity to observe a representative sample of the pictorial realism that is developing in the Asian giant.

The oil painting was first introduced in China in the 18th century, but it was not popularized in artistic circles until the end of the 19th century. Beyond Language - Contemporary Chinese Realism hosts the work of a total of 30 Chinese artists dedicated to the oil technique, including the painter Xu Mangyao and Golucho as a guest artist.

This exhibition shows the growing interest in the art and culture of the Asian country, which also takes our pictorial tradition and our contemporary masters as references for the development of the oil technique. For this reason, in parallel to the exhibition, TIAC Academy and MEAM host an art workshop given by the Spanish painter Golucho, one of the maximum representatives of the New Realism. Artists from different parts of China, along with artists from Israel, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, and Portugal will participate in this artistic exchange.

Lecture on Chinese Realism History by Xu Mangyao

As a complementary activity to the exhibition "Beyond Language - Contemporary Chinese Realism", master Xu Mangyao, one of the most important representatives of Chinese oil painting, will hold a lecture at MEAM · Museu Europeu d'Art Modern through which he will take us to journey through the history of realism in China.

From the Ming and Qing dynasty to the influence of the Soviet Union, from the establishment of the People's Republic in 1949 until the time of the Reform and the Opening of China, until the new generation of painters, Xu Mangyao will reveal some of the highlights of the development of oil painting in China.

The lecture will be in English and will take place at MEAM · Museu Europeu d'Art Modern this Saturday, April 13th at 11 am.

TIAC Academy of Fine Arts Florence is an Academy of Fine Arts in Florence that has a faculty with experience and talent, and a group of advisors of the stature of Odd Nerdrum and Golucho. TIAC Academy is a hybrid Aterlier-University program with European ECTS accreditation that allows traditional classical training in workshop-style skills, and art history, philosophy, and social sciences focused on art at the university level.

The two programs offered in painting and sculpture are designed to help students find their unique artistic goals with the most influential mentors in the art world, promising opportunities for artist residency/exhibitions/ scholarships, components that contribute to professional transformation.


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