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Wenjun Fu

The world-wide vanguard of the digital pictorial photography with the work of Wenjun Fu in the European Museum of Modern Art

For the first time in Spain 20 unique pieces of the prestigious conceptual artist Wenjun Fu that integrates the traditional Chinese art with the latest technology of digital photography

The Chinese contemporary artist Wenjun Fu exhibited part of his work in an individual exhibition open to the public from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 May at the Museu Europeo d'Art Modern in Barcelona.

The exhibition curated by Francesco Saverio Russo, will show under the title: "Introspection of the Soul - Artistic Expression in Wenjun Fu Pictorial Digital Photography", 20 works in the unique style of "digital painting photography" developed by the artist himself, in Which include the series of A Wind from Yesterday, Digital Painting Abstraction, No Realms, and Goldbach's Conjecture.

With these works created over the last eight years, the Museu Europeo d'Art Modern in Barcelona hosts the first exhibition of the Chinese artist in Spain, after his solo exhibition at the National Museum of Art of China (Beijing) in the past month of March.

The artist creates through photography, installations, sculpture and oil painting, and has developed the concept of "abstract digital photography of painting".

Internationally it is especially known for its conceptual photography. It has important international awards such as the first prize for the International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Argentina, the prize for the "best artist in the world" in the field of the Great Universal Exhibition Tour Eiffel or the "Lorenzo il Magnifico" award Italian Biennale di Firenze.

Some of his works have been acquired by National Art Museum of China, Today Art Museum, Old Summer Palace Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Kennedy Family, World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, Société Nationale des Beaux Arts de France, Egypt Ahmed Shawki Museum among other organizations and collectors.

"A work, that of Wenjun Fu, that moves on different levels: the personal, intimate level, strictly close to the soul, to subjectivity, and to the collective." Multiple superimposed images imitate the layering of the input that sends the consciousness. The ancient tradition of Chinese painting called "Gongbi" (meticulous), the works of the master, with extreme attention to all details, pierce, with the power of a rudimentary lance, the expiration of time through the centuries, "he says. Francesco Saverio, curator and critic of contemporary international art.

Wenjun Fu, born in 1955, graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Sichuan, China. His works embody his thoughts and reflections on many themes related to the history, culture and humanity of East and West, including the relationship between different cultures in the era of globalization, the heritage of traditional Chinese culture in a society in Rapid evolution, industrialization and urbanization in Chinese cities.

More information about the artist and his work at: www.fuwenjun.com


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