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Catalan Sculpture from 20th Century

This collection of Catalan sculpture of the "Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes" consists of just over a hundred pieces, marbles, bronzes, terracotta and plaster, of diverse authors of the twentieth century, which are the best and most nurtured Catalan modern figurative statuary.

Starting from the last authors of the nineteenth century, as Reynés Atché, etc., there are works by renowned modernist (Llimona, Blay, Arnau, Clarasó, Lambert Escaler, etc.), and the subsequent generation, as Oslé, Borrell Nicolau and a large representation of Otero. Then we find works of Julio Antonio, Casanovas (his unknown bust of Beethoven), Clara, Manolo Hugué, Dunyac, etc.. And following, the civil war generation, as Marés, Rebull, Navarro, Martí Llauradó, Viladomat, ending with the last century: Cañas, Sans-Jordi, Luisa Granero, etc.

In brief, a small summary of the Catalan statuary of the century, not to be confused with the Great Exhibition of Catalan sculpture that the MEAM organized in 2013, with 300 works by 85 authors, and includes both the fund of the Foundation as other funds from other foundations, collectors and public and private museums.

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