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Catalan Sculpture from 20th Century

Since 1975, when José Manuel Infiesta, President of the "Fundación de las Artes y los Artistas", published the large volume entitled "Un siglo de escultura catalana" (A century of Catalan sculpture), modern Catalonian sculptures have always been a strong area of interest for the Foundation.

This interest culminated in a huge exhibition presented at the MEAM in the spring of 2013, with 300 works by 85 sculptors. Some of these works are now part of the Foundation's collection of Catalan sculptors of the 20th century, which is made up of around 150 pieces made in a wide range of materials, such as bronze, marble, plaster, terracotta, etc. There is a strong representation of 19th century artists from the civil war generation up until the end of the century. 

Today, the Foundation continues to expand its collection of Catalan sculpture.

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