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Contemporary Realist Art

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Fruit of the announcements of the international contests of the Foundation of the Arts and Artists, and fruit also of the permanent relation of the Museum with artists of all the world, is the own bottom of works of alive artists that constitutes the main wealth of the MEAM. Because the Museum, no only forms and wide constantly this collection, but that the most valuable is the personal relation that keeps with all the authors that integrate it, to achieve that the MEAM was sure enough the house of all the artists and that they all feel here represented.

Faithful to its principles, include works of painting and sculpture realised in everything type of material and technical: In painting, oils, watercolours, cake, etc, on cloth, table and any support. And in sculpture, works of marble, bronze,  paper, cardboard, wood, resins of polièster, terracota, etc.

It treats of more than 1000 works of more than 300 artists of countries of the five continents, in a bottom that goes feeding in each announcement of the contests of the MEAM. Definitely, one of the most prestigious collections of art figuratiu at present all over the world, so much for the quality of the work presented how for the diversity of his authors. And it is that the collection is as rabiosamente contemporary than the whole of works presented are of alive artists, that realise his work in the actuality, and that form like this the most genuine of the artistic production of our times.

A wide sample of this collection presents always in the MEAM alternating with exhibitions storms, so that at least the half of the months can find this bottom exposed in the walls of the Museum. Artists and visitors of all the world come already to admire and argue the works of the dearest signatures and argued to the social networks.

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