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Sculpture, please!

European Sculpture of 20th Century

Sculpture, please!
European sculpture of the twentieth century. A sample of the equity of the MEAM
The highly original exhibition, entitled "SOME SCULPTRE, PLEASE" presented at the MEAM is a cry against segregation sculpture suffers as the younger sister of the other arts. And to counter that, a vision of the twentieth century is presented through the equity of the "Foundation of the Arts and Artists." With nearly 300 exhibits, including marble, bronze, plaster and terracotta, the expository walk starts with one of the work most interesting of the late nineteenth, Bartholomé, Meunier, Rodin, Dalou, etc.  Then works of "Art Nouveau" and "Art Deco" are presented, the periods corresponding of the Great, to enter the era of Bourdelle, Dejean, Drivier, Naoum Aronson, Pompon, Bernard, Demanet, Despiau or Wijnants ... Works of the German school of interwar, as Klimsk, Kolbe, Breker  are also presented. And works by leading Nordic, Czechs and Poles authors are also showed. And after World War II, works by authors such as Pina, Malfray, Delamarre, Martel, Letourneur, highlight, to finish with the last Italians, as Tommasi. In summary, a highly original tour on the history of the twentieth century through some of the thousands of sculptors who are not always remembered as they deserve. A unique exhibition that can hardly be seen again in Europe.


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