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He Jiaying

With the feets on the ground and the soul in heavens

As the first art project of the Samaranch Foundation, and to celebrate the cultural exchange between Spain and China, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the MEAM of Barcelona presents the work of one of the most important current Chinese artists , the painter He Jiaying , with the direct support of the Beijing Great Cultural Hero Ltd. Company.

The exhibition is presented in MEAM includes more than 60 works of He Jiaying, some large format, and covers all periods of his career, from 1980 until today. To be opened on November 21 and will last until December 29, 2013. This initiative is a first taste of what is to be a fruitful collaboration between the "Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes" and more modern representatives of figurative painting in China.

The work of He Jiaying is a bridge between the more contemporary techniques and respect for more traditional aesthetic, all of which makes his work is a unique example of what contemporary Chinese art can contribute to the world without sacrificing its origins as an ancient history.

Born in 1957 in Tianjin , He is a member of the Political Consultative Conference of Chinese People and Vice President of the Chinese Artists Association and Rector of Tianjin Institute of Painting. Many awards attest his career and his name is highly prized in international auctions. Genuine representative of the growing movement in contemporary Chinese art, Jiaying He is deeply concerned by the revaluation of traditional Chinese painting and teaching it to new generations.

The paintings of Mr. He Jiaying is a particular case in the panorama of current Chinese art. The artist, a great scholar of traditional painting , has been able to recover the classical heritage which provided with a personal style. His work is a refreshing mixture in which we observe the touch of the past and the present contemporary art of their nation. HE is a spontaneous artist whose desire is to capture the perceived reality, for it has been nurtured in different sources and artistic perspectives, including schools of Chinese traditional and modern art and western. His paintings, painted following the Gongbi and Xieyi techniques emphasize the detailed representation of what is perceived and precisely this characteristic that gives his paintings a special realism. His freestyle strokes are elegant and original, and convey to the viewer a subtle oriental charm. Mr. He began his career following the traditional classical path but over the years, and after hours spent studying the techniques of the old masters, has managed to get an original and stroke, which has not been outside the innovation but always with the utmost respect for tradition. His progress, we could almost say revolutionary at the painting technique, has managed to harmonize the methodologies of Western painting and new trends of Fine Arts in China today, creating a truly contemporary aesthetic and personality. All creative work is a clear demonstration of its ability to absorb the cultural flows between East and West.

He Jiaying use in his work some classic motifs of Chinese culture, the landscapes that are the most "noble" gender and the human figure , which has shown significant characters like Juan Antonio Samaranch or to show common people. A clear example of this are the works dedicated to the mountain workers or the District Chief. Paintings in which sensitivity is well illustrated. Therefore we can say that his work can be considered a symptom of the revival of a new contemporary art in China.


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