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Fashion Art EU

Art & Fashion by Fashion Art Institute

Fashion Art EU exhibition is presented simultaneously with a capsule collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week this June 27th to July 1st and in the MEAM from June 23 to July 24.

It is an ambitious project created from Fashion Art Institute, chaired by designer Manuel Fernandez.

The exhibition combines fashion and art, combining the two forms of expression in the same piece of cloth. 28 artists of the European Union are the protagonists of this unique exhibition, where the artistic support is a costume created by designer Manuel Fernandez as a three-dimensional canvas. In it each of the artists has shaped his personal technique to communicate European values ??from their particular style.

In short, EU Fashion Art is an exhibition that gives the opportunity to appreciate art, fashion and European values, intermixed on the same support: a suit.

The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) located in the Palau Gomis Borne neighborhood of Barcelona, ??presents contemporary figurative art. It belongs to the Foundation of the Arts and Artists, whose purpose is the promotion and dissemination of figurative art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


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