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Figurativas 2017

The most prestigious representational art competition of Europe and America

The MEAM and Art Renewal Center prepare the largest exhibition of current figurative art. Two international competitions, ARC Salon and Figurative 2017, one organized in North America by Art Renewal Center and the other in Europe held by the Foundation of the Art and Artists,  to bring to the public Barcelona all the latest work of the best artists from all over the world.

The solemn awards ceremony and inauguration of the ARC Salon exhibition takes place every year at the MEAM in Barcelona, ??a fact that makes this institution the center of contemporary world art in the field of figuration. The American organization Art Renewal Center has become, after fifteen years of existence, the world leader in the promotion of contemporary artists.

At the same time that the winning works of the ARC Salon are presented, on the 2nd floor are presented the winning works of the 8th Contest of Figurative Painting and Sculpture 2017 (Figurativas 2017), summoned by the Foundation of Arts and Artists. This exhibition shows the winning work by the painter David Eichenberg, Honor Mentions and Selected Works for the exhibition and for the catalog.



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