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Aperto dal Martedì alla Domenica, dalle 11.00 alle 19.00

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The MEAM Hall

Group exhibition

Aquistare Biglietti Prenota la Tua Visita

The MEAM, in its interest to promote the work of figurative artists so that they become accessible to the general public, has set up a new space in the main entrance courtyard of the Palau Gomis where you can discover 119 small format works (20 x 20 cm) by 107 international artists.

With this new exhibition initiative, the museum aims to make the work of figurative artists visible to collectors, art lovers, and those interested in original art.

The opening of the second edition will take place at MEAM on March, 24th, 2023, from 20:00h. You can book your ticket by clicking on this link. If you participate in the exhibition you will receive an invitation to the email address you have provided.


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