• Workshop with Corella

    Workshop with Corella

    the architecture of portraiture

    What are you going to learn?You have to understand that there is no process for always painting in the same way. That would be very boring and we would not evolve as artists. Each work must have its...

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  • Friday Blues Concerts

    Friday Blues Concerts


    MEAM is one of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in Barcelona. Every Friday night you can experience excellent performances of blues and related styles in a relaxed and comfortable...

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  • Saturday's Concerts

    Saturday's Concerts


    MEAM is one of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in Barcelona. Every Saturday night you can experience excellent performances of classic music in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with...

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  • Opera at the Palau Gomis

    Opera at the Palau Gomis


    The MEAM wants to bring opera culture closer to people because we understand culture and art as transforming elements of society.For this reason, we are starting a new series of concerts under the...

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  • Figurativas 2023

    Figurativas 2023

    International painting and sculpture competition

    The Arts & Artists Foundation announces Figurativas 2023, endowed with various prizes, including a First Prize for Painting of €20,000 and a Sculpture Prize of...

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  • The MEAM Hall

    The MEAM Hall

    Exhibit your work in the museum

    What is The MEAM Hall?MEAM is interested in promoting the work of figurative artists, facilitating the dissemination of their works so that they are made accessible to the general public.For this...

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  • The painter's craft

    The painter's craft

    Advanced painting program

    In October, the European Museum of Modern Art will start again its artistic-educational activity. In its endeavor to promote and disseminate the Figurative Art, the MEAM has organized an...

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  • Sculpture Craftmanship

    Sculpture Craftmanship

    Modeling in clay

    Presentation.Every tuesday at the MEAM, we will hold clay modeling sessions, under the tutelage of the artist Mer Jiménez, whose work is part of the permanent collection of Figurative...

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  • ModPortrait 2022

    ModPortrait 2022

    Modern Portrait Competition

    Galería Artelibre in collaboration with the Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes announces ModPortrait, the painting competition in the portrait mode, endowed with a First Prize of...

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  • Upcoming Workshops

    Upcoming Workshops

    Painting & Sculpture

    The Arts & Artists Foundation starts again its artistic educational activity. In its effort to promote and disseminate Figurative Art, in 2022 the MEAM will organize a cycle of painting and...

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