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A Century of Catalan Sculpture

Temporary exhibition

The MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona) organizes between April and June 2013 a large exhibition which, under the title A CENTURY OF CATALAN SCULPTURE, proposes an integrated and comprehensive look at the catalan sculpture during the twentieth century, always under the light of the figurative art.

For the first time  the public has the unique opportunity to see these sculptures united in a single exhibition, striking and inspiringly, made by the most outstanding artists of the history from the sculptures realized in Catalonia, since mid-nineteeths century until our days.

Along with names of sculptors, which certainly will expose familiar, others will not emphazise so, and the same could be said of their creations. So this show will become a non- recurring experience of a continued discovery, with the addition that most pieces are in private collections and therefore not accessible to the general public.

The MEAM published a catalog of nearly 400 pages, with a foreword by Dr. Jorge Egea about all the exhibits in the museum. There are also plans to reissue a digital version of the book A CENTURY OF CATALAN SCULPTURE by Jose Manuel Infiesta, expanded and updated by art historians John C. Bejarano and Dr. Cristina Rodriguez Samaniego.
The exhibition was made possible through funding from various private collections, such as the Fundación de les Arts i els Artistes (Barcelona), the Lluís Bassat collection (Barcelona), the Fundación Layer (Madrid), the Antoni Casamor Foundation (Navata) and the Museum of Modernism (Barcelona), including the Museu Garrotxa County (Olot), the Museum Deu Font (Vendrell), the Museu Apel • les Fenosa (Vendrell), Museu Frederic Mares (Barcelona), Museu of lEmpordà (Figueres), Museu d'Art Modern (Tarragona), collectives such as Cofradía de Pescadores (Vilanova i La Geltrú), as well as galleries and private collectors as Àgueda Roman Josep Blanch, Joaquim Soler and Jacqueline Elmke, Carlos Campillo, Javier Marti, Hector Albericio, the Ramon Arturo Gallery, the Gallery Gothsland, Victor i fills, heirs of some of the artists represented (as Arnau, Rossello, Borrell i Nicolau, Cairo, Granyer, Busquets, Room, Jassans, etc.) and others who preferred to remain anonymous.
The exposition is an Organisation by Mr. José Manuel Infiesta in collaboration with Ms. Àgueda Romagna. The scientific assessoramiento, copywriting and training of the exhibition is provided by Drs Jorge Rodriguez and Cristina Egea Samaniego (Universidad de Barcelona), and the art historian John C. Bejarano.


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