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Haitz de Diego

Light in the darkness

“Light in the Darkness": an exhibition by Haitz de Diego at the MEAM.

In a fusion of talent, passion and dedication, the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) is proud to present the next exhibition of Haitz de Diego on its third floor. This outstanding exhibition, titled “Light in the Darkness”, has become a reality thanks to the recognition that the artist has obtained by being awarded the prestigious “Monographic Exhibition” prize in the 2023 international figurative painting and sculpture competition, convened biannually. by the Private Foundation of Arts and Artists.

The “Monographic Exhibition” award in the 2023 Figurative Contest is a testament to Haitz de Diego's mastery in figurative representation. This international competition is known for its rigorous selection process, which highlights the most outstanding talent in the world of contemporary figurative art. De Diego stood out among fierce competition, underscoring his influence on the current art scene.

“Light in the Darkness” is an exhibition that promises to immerse visitors in a world of emotions, colors and shapes, captured in Haitz de Diego's masterpieces. As we tour the third floor of MEAM, we will embark on a journey that illuminates the deepest corners of the artist's mind and heart. His creations invite us to explore the duality of light and darkness, an exploration that promises to be a moving and enriching experience for all art lovers.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the genius of Haitz de Diego in “Light in the Darkness”, an exhibition that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on visitors. Haitz de Diego, with his deep vision and his ability to communicate emotions through his works, fully deserves the recognition he has obtained in the 2023 Figurative Competition. His monographic exhibition at the MEAM promises to be a milestone in his career and a unique opportunity to which we are proud to contribute our grain of sand.

Discover all of his work at www.haitzdediego.com

Haitz de Diego, born in 1979 in the picturesque coastal town of Ondarroa, in the Basque Country, is an artist whose life has been inextricably linked to the world of painting and illustration from an early age. In his early years, he spent hours drawing on his grandfather's lap while his parents continued his studies. Soon, his parents realized that drawing was not simply a childhood hobby for him, but a passion that burned strongly inside him.

During elementary school, Haitz concentrated with a pencil in hand, letting his imagination fly freely across the blank page. At the age of 17, he left his hometown behind and moved to San Sebastián, where he studied Graphic Arts for three years, perfecting his technique in drawing and painting.

After this formative experience, he decided to take a leap towards the big city: Barcelona. Here he continued studying Graphic Arts for three additional years, which allowed him to hone his skills in drawing and painting. To finance his studies, he worked on several feature film and short film projects for different film production companies in Barcelona and Madrid. It was during this stage that he specialized in creating storyboards and designing campaigns for prestigious directors and advertising agencies such as Young & Rubicam and Bassat & Ogilvy, among others.

Leaving no stone unturned, Haitz decided to take the step of striking out on his own and start this project that he had been putting off for a long time. After working on commissioned canvases, he prioritized his own work and remembered the moments he shared with his grandparents. He realized that, although he had been told that he could not live off his passion, this was the only thing that would make him feel truly proud.

For Haitz de Diego, happiness lies in being able to work long hours in his studio and see the results of his efforts reflected in his works of art. His artistic journey has been one of perseverance, growth and self-discovery, and now, thanks to his talent and dedication, he has been honored with the “Monographic Exhibition” award in the Figurativas 2023 competition.


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