Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Luisa Granero

The strength of a woman

Worthy culmination of the long series of activities carried out in the MEAM, since the opening of the exhibition on Mujeres Artistas Hoy, started on March 8, is this anthological exhibition of the work of the sculptor Luisa Granero.

To organize this exhibition, the son of Luisa Granero has made available to the MEAM the entire legacy of Luisa Granero: Hundreds of sculptures, oil paintings, notes, personal notes, etc., etc. The result is the most complete anthological of his work, with many sculptures made in terracotta, plaster, bronze and marble, with many different oils and paintings, and with works by many well-known artists (Mallol Suazo, Ernest Santasusagna, Lluís Muntaner, Jaume Otero , Martí Llauradó, etc.) in which she herself is the model.

An authentic example of how a woman, made to herself, and with the sole weapon of her will, can achieve all the goals that have been proposed in life.


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