MEAM, European Museum of Modern Art

Manifesto in favour of a new concept
for Contemporary Art

In June 2011, the MEAM was finally able to open, under the sponsorship of the “Foundation for the Arts and Artists”, a foundation created in 2005 to promote figurative artists. The MEAM thus became the first and most direct material expression of a journey of work and effort that the Foundation has maintained since its beginnings. The opening of the Museum was not the end of any stage, but was the beginning of a journey that, in a short time, has had an influence on wide sectors of international contemporary art.

The opening of this museum represented a turning point in the level of penetration of figurative art in wide sectors of modern-day society, and has produced a change of perspective by many professionals in art, who began to understand that art in our century already needs new approaches and challenges, highly disassociated from canons and clichés inherited from the previous century.

José Manuel Infiesta

Founder of MEAM and of Fundació de les Arts i els Artistes.

Our philosophy

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