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Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

A tour around Josep Llimona Artworks

150th Aniversay

We´ll celebrate the 150th anniversary of Josep Llimona’s birth with a retrospective that presents a summary of his creations.

Josep Llimona i Bruguera (Barcelona, 1864-1934) was one of the most outstanding artists of the late 19th and early 20th centúries for Catalan Art. On graduating form the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, he won a scholarship to Rome. He went there with his brother Joan, who later became a famous painter. On their way back they found a new Barcelona that changed a lot on the threshold of a major event: the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exposition.

Step-by-step the young sculptor found his own style that identified him, and made it easy to recognize his pieces: delicate female figures, often with a lowered and melancholy look and with bunched or loose hair, soft and evanescent as the curves of the bodies they represent. His caràcters (the restless workers, religious scenes and memorials along with these cited tributes to women) were distirbuted to diferent Spamish cities, but a lot of them was kept in Barcelona. Squares, streets, cemeteries and churches are decorated with his sculptures, which can also be seen in museums and private collections.


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