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Representational Art 2023

Representational Art has been an integral part of the visual arts for centuries, experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years. The works depict the world around us, often with a realistic approach or accurate representation, from the human condition to social and cultural issues, to the perception of our surroundings. Representational painting has been used to depict a wide range of emotions, stories, and themes, becoming a powerful form of expression that conveys messages of social and political importance, as well as capturing the beauty of the everyday. Popular culture has also often been inspired by representational paintings, especially cinema, through films that explore themes and issues such as romance, beauty, fear, and the human condition.

Along these lines, on 21 April the MEAM will open an exhibition entitled Mimesis | Representational Art 2023. It will feature a careful selection of the most outstanding artists in contemporary representational art. The aim of the exhibition is to present an overview of the current trend through the great masters of representational art and its most outstanding artists. Artists who are leading the way today, not only because they are the forerunners of this artistic movement on an international level, but also because they have their roots in the pictorial tradition with the aim of seeking a new language of art of our time.

This exhibition aims to give visibility to the skill and creativity of contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of traditional representational art as well as discovering current artistic styles and techniques, through works that reflect diverse perspectives and styles, and the exploration of new themes that explore the beauty and the relevance of the human experience. The subject matter in this exhibition is based on the artist's own experience or interpretation of events in the world around him. Some works show detailed realism, capturing the complexities of the natural world with remarkable accuracy. Others are more abstract, playing with form and color to create dynamic, impressionistic images. Despite these differences, all the works in the exhibition are connected by their commitment to representational art and their ability to engage the viewer through their powerful use of visual narrative. Vibrant, dynamic, and timeless in character, this exhibition introduces the viewer to a wide range of styles and techniques and provides a deeper understanding of the artist's creative genius. By exploring this exhibition, one will gain a unique insight into the lives and experiences of those depicted in the works, and gain a deeper understanding of the human condition today. The artists in this exhibition have created captivating works that challenge the viewer's perceptions and invite the viewer to look at the world through a new perspective.

The exhibition will feature 61 paintings by international artists, including unpublished works by the Spanish painter Antonio López and in an unusual format for the artist, and which will be accompanied by a work of which his wife, María Moreno, was a part from the group of Madrid royalists. In addition, works by other prominent artists will be presented, such as Gottfried Helnwein, a controversial painter, cartoonist and photographer whose work has been used by Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson, also known for his gigantic and heartbreaking portraits inspired by the horrors caused by Nazi Germany; Don Eddy, considered one of the fathers of North American hyperrealism of the 1960s; Miriam Escofet, a Catalan painter living in London, who has received a commission from the United Kingdom's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to produce an official portrait of Queen Elizabeth II; Guillermo Lorca García-Huidobro, Chilean painter and one of the exponents of contemporary figurative painting in South America or Jeremy Mann, best known for painting vivid urban environments where light and dark expertly mix to create degraded and transformed urban landscapes.

With this exhibition, visitors will delve into this fascinating style of painting and discover the techniques used today by talented painters. From the different approaches to painting the human figure to the techniques and materials most commonly used, this exhibition will provide an in-depth insight into the world of contemporary representational painting.

Mimesis is a must-see for anyone interested in the contemporary art world. With a wide range of styles and approaches, there is something for everyone, and the exhibition offers a fascinating window into the ways in which artists are exploring representation and pushing the boundaries of traditional art. So don't miss this chance to see some of the most talented artists working today and experience for yourself the power of contemporary painting. 


  1. Nick Alm
  2. Daniela Astone
  3. Jennifer Balkan
  4. Leigh Behnke
  5. Frances Bell
  6. Kelly Birkenruth
  7. Daria Callie
  8. Pedro Campos
  9. Pablo Carnero
  10. Ricardo Celma
  11. Jose Luis Corella
  12. Kamille Corry
  13. Maria José Cortés Antequera
  14. Rosso Emerald Crimson
  15. DeAngel
  16. Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón Córdoba
  17. Pedro del Toro
  18. Jordi Díaz Alamà
  19. Yuan Dong
  20. Costa Dvorezky
  21. Don Eddy
  22. Ignacio Escobar
  23. Miriam Escofet
  24. Fernando García Herrera
  25. Fermín García Sevilla
  26. Arina Gordienko
  27. Jaq Grantford
  28. Mo Han
  29. Gottfried Helnwein
  30. Natalie Holland
  31. Cai Jie
  32. Wu Jing Han
  33. Alex Kanevsky
  34. Lorena Kloosterboer
  35. Konstantinos Kyrtis
  36. Joshua Larock
  37. Sean Layh
  38. Robert Liberace
  39. Celia Liberace
  40. Antonio López García
  41. Conrado López
  42. Guillermo Lorca García-Huidobro
  43. Jeremy Mann
  44. Alberto Martín Giraldo
  45. Arantzazu Martínez
  46. Josefa Medina
  47. Maria Moreno
  48. Katsu Nakajima
  49. Edward Povey
  50. Nadine Robbins
  51. Anne-Christine Roda
  52. Alberto Romero Gil
  53. Cesar Santander
  54. Viktoria Savenkova
  55. Sebastian Schrader
  56. Ryo Shiotani
  57. Arinze Stanley
  58. Mark Tennant
  59. Sebastian Velasco
  60. Antony Williams
  61. Anna Wypych
  62. Liu Xiangdong


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