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Advanced painting program

The painter's craft 4.0

In October, the European Museum of Modern Art, will start again its artistic-educational activity. In its endeavor to promote and disseminate the Figurative Art, the MEAM has organized an advanced painting course. With this course, we intend that the students acquire the foundations of the work of painter, through the Western pictorial tradition from the techniques of the great masters. We could describe it as a concentrated, agile and adaptable version of modern life that was taught in the old workshops and academies, such as the oil technique.

The course will start with the theme of the Portrait and will be taught by the artist Adrià Llarch. We will work on the portrait in a multidisciplinary way, using different supports, techniques and materials.

After the first trimester, the artist Alberto Romero Gil will take over who will be in charge of the theme of the human figure, the students will work with the live model to observe accurately and understand the complexity of the human figure of the natural.

The third quarter, which under the title "Look and understand. Synthesis and color in the painting", would start from the concept of the sketch, but not with the aim of painting quickly. The intention is for the student to learn to identify the anecdotal of the importance of all the information offered by looking natural. The exercises would consist of painting a picture or two in each session, addressing different topics that the museum can offer, such as windows, museum rooms, the museum's own street, still lifes and a human figure. This quarter will be in charge of Alberto Romero Gil. At the end of each quarter, a general evaluation will be carried out on the exercises performed. After the course, the museum will enable a room in the museum to exhibit the final work of the students.

For more information write us to promocio@meam.es or call us at +34933195693

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