Eros, your body as an excuse.

Last days

It was Golucho who proposed to MEAM the brilliant initiative to organize an exhibition around the concept of EROS, understood, not as an ideal of sexual reverie, but as a reason that emanates from the libido of each human being as something natural and independent of their condition of beauty, sex or sexual characteristic.

EROS as a description of the most physical aspect of each human who, naturally, becomes excited with desire, knows and recognizes his own body intimately, and seeks to explore it, savor it and give it a pleasure.

EROS, not as a Greek divinity, but as an individual reality of every human being who dreams of their intimate moments of sexual fullness, individual or shared.

The result of this initiative has been a diverse exhibition, which brings together sixty artists who have agreed to expressly create for each exhibition a work, and which as a whole is difficult to classify. Some will call it vulgar for not responding to their ideals of beauty; others of poor for not extolling the noblest of the human being; and perhaps others of human, too human, to present the eros of each and every one of the superior beings that populate this planet and who all have the same right to enjoy their dreams and meet their needs.

Sometimes it is the simple reality that appears in a painting, the body in its simple nakedness, but other times it is only the unconscious that leads us to desires, satisfied or dissatisfied, but always alive, always awake, always natural, and always human.

Golucho has been selecting little by little, for months, one after another, in direct contact with each of them, artists of the most varied, painters and sculptors of different nationalities, of the most different styles, without orthodoxy, without imposed fees, without any stylistic unity.

The result is, in short, a walk through the most rabidly current painting, for the most indisputable contemporaneity, and an initiative that brings together authors of the most controversial trends in a unique show that will not leave anyone indifferent.


Jorge Abbad-Jaime de Aragón
Andrés Alarcón
Nick Alm
Eduardo Alvarado
María Isabel Andrés
Daniela Astone
Diego Aznar
Paul Beel
Virgínia Bersabé
Andreas Birath
Scott Breton
Lita Cabellut
Elisa Capdevila
Gerard Castellví
Jose Luís Ceña
Daniel Coves
Irene Cuadrado
Jordi Díaz Alamà
Hollis Dunlap
Alba Fabre Sacristán
Juan Manuel Fernández Pinedo
Iván Floro
Iván Franco Fraga
Ismael Fuentes
Vicente García Lázaro
Alex Kanevsky
Konstantinos Kyrtis
Paco Lafarga
Marta Lafuente
Carmen Mansilla
Alberto Martín Giraldo
Miguel Ángel Moya
Edgar Noé Mendoza
Fernando O'Connor
Susana Ragel
Francisco Roa Sánchez
Giorgos Rorris
Juan Ruiz
Julia Santa Olalla
Denis Sarazhin
Viktoria Savenkova
Xavier Solà Planella
Julien Spianti
Mónica Subide
Dino Valls
Bogdan Vladuta
Antony Williams
Kent Williams
Shane Wolf
Wu Chun Yin


Eudald de Juana
Álvaro de Matías
Grzegroz Gwiazda
Mer Jiménez
Jose Manuel Martínez Pérez
Noé Serrano