Women's Perspectives

Celebrating International Women's Day Through Art

In honor of International Women's Day, we are pleased to present an exhibition that pays tribute to the female figure from the unique perspective of contemporary women artists. In this special event, we have carefully selected an exclusive group of 13 female artists to participate, each with their distinctive voice and powerful vision.

In this exhibition, we will explore the multiplicity of experiences, emotions, and perspectives that contemporary women artists bring to the art of portraying femininity. From strength and determination to vulnerability and introspection, these works offer an intimate and diverse look at the complexity of the female experience in today's world.

Each artist presents her own unique approach, from abstract expression to realistic representation, from vibrant color to the subtlety of black and white. Through a variety of techniques and styles, these creators invite us to reflect on themes of identity, body, culture, and society, while celebrating the beauty and strength of women in all their forms.

From intimate portraits to evocative compositions, this exhibition offers a fascinating window into the diversity and depth of female talent in the world of contemporary representational art. It is a space to celebrate the creative power of women and to recognize their invaluable contribution to the global artistic landscape.

In a world where gender equality and female representation are increasingly important issues, this exhibition reminds us of the importance of listening to and celebrating female voices in art and all aspects of life. It is a tribute to the creativity, resilience, and beauty of women, and an invitation to reflect on the crucial role they play in shaping our world.

Join us in this celebration of art and women, where every brushstroke is an act of empowerment and every work is a testament to the strength and grace of women.

The MEAM wants to thank the collaboration of the following artists who participate in this exhibition:

1. Irene Antich
2. Julia Tarrats
3. Jessica Oliveras
4. Lantomo
5. Mer Jiménez
6. Nadezda
7. Núria Farré Abejón
8. Paola Charnet
9. Sara Madrid
10. Silvia Juez Linares
11. Iga Oliwiak 'Igayah'
12. Mar Barrufet
13. Sandra de Jaume