Odd Nerdrum & The Nerdrum School

Painting forever

The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) exhibited from September 17th to November 15th of 2015, 38 works by Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, one of the best examples of Nordic art and reference of classical figurative painting and narrative internationally.

The exhibition also hosted 30 selected works of his students, in what turned be one of the most complete exhibition of this artist.

Nerdrum has exhibited several times with some of his students, but never until now had such a broad and comprehensive exhibition, both the magnitude of the work presented by the Norwegian painter as the number of students that go with it.

Odd Nerdrum, born in 1944 in Halsingborg (Sweden), studied at the Academy of Art in Oslo and later with the conceptual artist Joseph Beuys in Dusseldorf (Germany), and since the beginning developed a unique painting style with a clear influence of painters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio, fleeing abstraction and conceptual art popular in the academic environment.

Odd Nerdrum, founder of the movement "Kitsch" in painting, focuses on small still life painting depicting a single image, like a baby or a brick, and in portraits and self-portraits, usually without background, characters dressed in skins and mantles They symbolize what remains after an imaginary apocalypse, as well as large allegorical works of apocalyptic nature.