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7th Portrait Competition

ModPortrait 2019

Artelibre gallery in collaboration with the Arts & Artists Foundation holds its 7th portrait painting contest, endowed with a First Prize of 10.000 and an other special drawing prize of 3.000€. The Barcelona Academy of Art establishes 2 Workshops of one week of duration each one. ARTEMIRANDA.es establishes two prizes of 1.000.€ in purchase of material. Artelibre Gallery and the Arts & Artists Foundation aim to promote and disseminate the Figurative Art. The main task will be to encourage artistic initiatives and to sponsor artists.

Registration at www.modportrait.net. Deadline 31/12/2919

Il Museo europeo di arte moderna apprezza il sostegno dei suoi sponsor:

MEAM Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno. SPONSORS

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