• The Night of Museums
    20 May 17

    The Night of Museums

    Coinciding with the celebration of the International Museum Day 2017, the MEAM opens its doors to the public during the night of May 20th. Visitors will be able to enjoy two exhibitions at Palau Gomis, the Permanent Fund of Contemporary Figurative Art and the temporary exhibition ModPortrait 2016, which shows the winning works of the first international portrait contest, organized by Artelibre. This exhibition stands as one of the most outstanding of contemporary figurative art. This year, ModPortrait has assembled the works of 253 participants from 31 countries, including Canada, Iran, China, Peru, Japan, the United States, Russia and Mexico, among others.

    In addition, we will have the presence of the group The Lucky Dices, a Barcelona band of soul and blues. Formed in 2015 with the intention of creating a repertoire where you can claim familiar songs and hidden pearls from soul-blues songs that you like and motivate. Temporary music full of rhythm and energy capable of making anyone dance. Rhythms and melodies that accompany our ears more than 50 years and continue to like audiences of all ages.

    On the other hand, the museum proposes to you to be part of the works exposed to the museum, as if you were one of the personages portrayed. You will find different spaces in the exhibition halls with works of art that will let you merge with them. An initiative of Libellule International Art, curated by Lukas and Françoise Kandl, leaders of Magic Realism to Frància, who gathered in the best international artists of magical realism around the fundamental values of mental openness, team spirit and technical virtuosity of this profession. Thus, they created the artistic movement "Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance", a movement that will remain in the history of the art, like witness of the existence of another form of Contemporary Art of the 21st century.

    We'll be waiting for you at 7:00!

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