• Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Seasons Op.37 Music and poetry | Classical Music Evenings
    08 Oct. 22

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: The Seasons Op.37 Music and poetry | Classical Music Evenings


    Beyond its spectacular collection of contemporary figurative painting, the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) programs a large number of activities and initiatives. One of them is the cycle of classical music that is scheduled every Saturday afternoon.

    On this occasion we will have the artists: : Guerassim Voronkov, piano. Maria Voronkova, musical divulger and actress. Viviana Alsina i Trias, creator of visual support.



    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, The Seasons Op.37


    One of the big titans of the slavic classical music, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky creates The Seasons: a copilation of 12 very short pieces acompanied by a small title inspired by poems from the great poets of the XIX century. They are comissioned by the editor of the magazine Le Nouvelliste and they represent a kind os costumary of the ways of life, the sensations, the customs and feelings of the way of life in the Russia of the time. They are very descriptive pieces, of great expression and that, without a doubt,  bring us to a journey through landscapes and sensations. This piece was thought out to be performed in small private rooms of the aristocracy or in little palaces to a very few and very close audience, face to face. That's exactly how you will be able to enjoy it in this space during this evening.

    We inform you that Juvé & Camps is sponsoring this concert.

    The museum, a safe space.

    All our services comply with local legislation and health recommendations regarding protection and safety. Specifically, this activity has the following measures:

    • A safety distance of 1 meter will be maintained between attendees whenever possible.
    • The use of a mask is mandatory. The attendant must wear their own mask.
    • Hydroalcoholic gel will be provided before, during and after the concert.
    • All the personnel involved will wear a mask during the performance of the concert.
    • the delivery of printed material such as maps or brochures will be avoided.
    • It will be enough to have the voucher or reservation on your mobile and not print it.
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