• The curse of Aphrodite
    15 Mars 18

    The curse of Aphrodite

    How has the woman managed to gain a foothold in the art world? (Ummm ... have you achieved this?) Have your status in art and in the workplace followed parallel paths?

    The History of Art has never had the name of a woman. The Company's, either. The time has come to rewrite History: the world has lost great artists and great leaders.

    In this conference we will explain the difficulties that women have had to face throughout history to be recognized in the artistic and labor fields, on equal terms with men. We will answer the repeated question about whether there is an art in feminine and another in masculine, a leadership of woman and another of man, and which of them is better or preferable.

    Conference by Mireia Puente and Daniel Sánchez Reina.

    Whether you are a woman or a man, DISCOVER WHAT YOUR ROLE IS IN THIS HISTORY.

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