24 Nov 23


    Without a doubt August Tharrats is the pioneer of Blues and Boogie Woogie piano in Catalonia. At 4 years old he discovered the Blues listening to Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton...

    He is a totally self-taught piano virtuoso and that has meant that he has approached this music with humility, creating a very personal language. Perhaps for this reason musicians like Teddy Edwards, Gene "Mighty Flea" Connors or B.B. King has been complimented on his way of playing the blues.

    An admirer of pianists from the Kansas City school such as Jay McShann, he is currently a prestigious bluesman on the national scene due to his interpretive quality and honesty on stage.

    With his unbeatable technique and his undeniable feeling, he is a musician capable of captivating audiences with a personal style full of blues, boogie-woogie and swing with an enormous capacity for communication.

    With an unbeatable live performance, Lluís creates a magical atmosphere from beginning to end in all his concerts, turning each performance into a unique and unforgettable experience. With a devilish left hand and a talent for improvisation, Coloma achieves a solid and convincing sound. A great communicator, he immediately spreads his passion for this festive music to a dedicated audience. His great technique and virtuosity make him one of the greatest exponents of blues piano and boogie woogie in Europe.

    Lluís Coloma offers very personal music and a repertoire in which he perfectly combines tradition and originality, fusing in a natural and at the same time innovative way the music of New Orleans, rhythm & blues, boogie woogie, rock, blues... A intense and full of energy show, where the surprising force of his piano envelops and captures the audience who quickly gets carried away by the frenetic rhythms, passion and feeling of Coloma's interpretation, who experiences each of his concerts as an act total. Fresh and direct music that draws applause and creates a hypnotic atmosphere capable of transporting the audience to exciting journeys. Without a doubt, Lluís Coloma's concerts are a waterfall of pure enthusiasm.

    A unique opportunity to enjoy these two piano masters.

    XI Fridays Blues & Boogie-Woogie Piano Meeting with: AUGUST THARRATS & LLUIS COLOMA

    • August Tharrats, piano.
    • Lluis Coloma piano


    • All tickets include access to the exhibitions, the concert and a beer, courtesy of Estrella Damm. You must attend between 5:00 p.m. and 5:50 p.m. to take your Damm!
    •  Access to the concert hall with drinks is not allowed.
    •  If there are no tickets available on the website, they can be purchased at the museum box office depending on capacity availability. In this case, it is preferable to book in advance by calling 933195693 or sending an email to taquillas@meam.es
    • The locations have a number assigned according to the order of reservations. It will not be possible to make any change of location once the seats have been assigned.
    •  Access to the concert hall will be from 17:50 to 18:00. Once the concert has started, you will not be able to access the room.
    •  The exhibition can be visited both before and after the concert, bearing in mind that the museum closes at 20:00.
    •  The tour of the exhibitions lasts approximately 45 minutes.
    •  It will be enough to have the voucher or reservation on the mobile and not print it.
    •  The museum reserves the right to cancel the unpaid reservation 5 minutes before the start of the concert. For this reason, we recommend showing up at the box office 30 minutes in advance. 
    • In the case of tickets purchased in advance: After 6:00 p.m. it will not be possible to opt for a refund. If the user of the tickets has not communicated, before the concert, the delay or impossibility of attendance: these may be assigned to another user after 6:05 p.m.
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