Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Workshops in Menorca

Menorca Pulsar

Menorca Pulsar is an Art Residency located at the perfect spot to get inspired: Menorca, a little and idyllic island in the heart of the Mediterranean. We’ve chosen a gorgeous mansion and summoned great masters with a unique personal view, willing to share their academic and human experience.

During Spring and Fall —two magic seasons in the island when landscapes are breathtaking and everything is in perfect calm— one Master and a tribe of art lovers will gather at a dream rural mansion, sharing work and free time. Have you ever dreamt of painting and afterwards having a glass of wine with your favorite artist and a bunch of enthusiasts like you? Workshop, accommodation and food included. A rara avis you just can’t let go…

Upcoming workshops: https://goo.gl/tstjPy

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