Luis & Romulo Royo

extended until April 28th

Welcome to the Exhibition "The Dream of Fantasy" by Luis & Romulo Royo at the MEAM in Barcelona

We are pleased to announce the arrival of an extraordinary exhibition that will transport visitors to the most enigmatic and magical corners of the imagination. From February 1st to Arpil 28th, 2024, the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona will host the fascinating works of renowned artists Luis & Romulo Royo under the title "The Dream of Fantasy."

Intertwined Trajectories: Goya and the Royos

Despite the almost 300 years that separate their births, Aragonese artists Luis & Romulo Royo share roots with the genius Francisco de Goya. The arid and extreme land of northern Spain, its stubborn and sober climate, has left an indelible mark on their creations. Through different aesthetics, intentions, and protagonists, the obsession with fantasy persists, linking their works across time.

Winged, Witches, and Shadows: A Universal Bond

"The Dream of Fantasy" explores three fundamental elements present in the works of Goya and the Royos: Winged, Witches, and Shadows.

- Winged: From the winged figures of Goya to the provocative angels of the Royos, the exhibition reveals a common fascination for dark and mysterious characters.
- Witches: The magical and mysterious universe of witches, terrifyingly presented by Goya, merges in the works of the Royos with an enigmatic beauty, highlighting the ancestral power of the feminine world.

- Shadows: Both in Goya's black paintings and in the enigmatic images of the Royos, the world of shadows comes to life, exploring mysteries, darkness, and nocturnal enigmas.

Masked Travels and Dualities: The Persistent Fantasy

The exhibition reveals the persistence of fantasy through travels and dualities in the works of Luis & Romulo Royo.

- Travels: From the homage to Goya to the worlds of dreamed goddesses and other cultures in "Goddesses of Nibiru," the Royos take viewers on timeless journeys that explore the sensuality of the hidden and fantasy.

- Dualities: Elements like feathers, tattoos, and jewels become timeless talismans that persist in the works of both artists. Luis Royo, internationally recognized as one of the best Fantasy illustrators, plays with dualities between beauty and beast, life and death.

Persistent Fantasy: An Archipelago of Imagination

Dedicating an entire life to art has not been enough to explore all the worlds between dreams and the brush. "The Dream of Fantasy" shows how fantasy persists in the works of Luis & Romulo Royo, forging an archipelago of imagination that has left its mark on collective memory.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique journey through the creative minds of two artists who have conquered the world of fantasy.

Romulo Royo

Born in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1976, Romulo Royo has been exhibiting his works since the year 2000, and currently, his creations are housed in various private collections, foundations, and museums.

He quickly began illustrating for Norma Editorial, publishing book and comic covers internationally for publishers like Eura in Italy, Rad Moskbay in Russia, and Bastei in Germany. In 1999, Romulo Royo exhibited his work at the Pablo Serrano Museum, the Provincial Museum of Huesca, and the Museum of Teruel. His works started to be published in numerous art magazines such as Trebede, Bonart, Exit, or Journal Lapiz Mu, among others. He held solo exhibitions throughout Spain, Verona, Milan, Frankfurt, and Tokyo as part of the itinerant Meta Project.

From 2004 onwards, he began exhibiting in various large private art galleries, foundations, and international art fairs such as the Berlin Art Forum, FIAC, Los Angeles Art Show, ARCO Madrid, Context Art Miami, GIGE Beijing China, Istanbul’s Art International, Art Wynwood, etc., and American Express commissioned him for a series of limited edition lithographs.

In 2009, invited by the Ministry of Culture representing Spain, he participated in the XXV Alexandria Biennial at the National Museum, later itinerating to different countries like the National Museum Metelkova of Slovenia, among others.

Alongside Luis Royo, they traveled to Moscow to paint the grand dome of Medvedev. The process of their work was compiled in his book "Dome."

Among his most recent exhibitions are Kavachnina Contemporary Gallery in Miami, Miguel Marcos Gallery in Barcelona, and Huberty & Breyne in Brussels. His pieces have been auctioned at prestigious auction houses such as Christie’s Paris, Ketterer Kunst in Munich, Galartis in Switzerland, and the Womanity Foundation’s Auction, with the renowned Simon de Pury as auctioneer and the participation of important galleries like Gagosian, Miguel Marcos, and Aquavella.

Luis Royo

Born in Olalla, Teruel (Spain) in 1954, Luis Royo began exhibiting his works since 1972 and published his comic works in various magazines such as 1984, Rambla, El Víbora, and Heavy Metal in 1980. Three years later, he began to focus on illustration, publishing internationally in the United States, Europe, and Eastern Europe. Many prestigious publishers like Tor Books, Berkley Books, Avon, Warner Books, or Batman books trusted Royo to illustrate many of their iconic covers.

His career did not stop; he started illustrating for different media. International magazines such as Heavy Metal, National Lampoon, Cimoc, Comic Art, Skorpio, etc., and video game developers like Dynamic also sought Royo's works for their covers.

In 1992, his first authored book was published, "Women," compiling many original works by the artist. "Malefic" and "Secrets" were subsequently published, and to this day, almost 40 books have been released, filling their pages with sketches, original works, stories about death, love, and the future. Some of them have been published alongside Romulo Royo, giving rise to a large collection of different pieces in various formats and techniques.

Throughout his long career, Luis Royo has exhibited his work in different art exhibitions and galleries in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Russia, and the United States. He has also been awarded multiple times, including the Spectrum Silver Award (the best in contemporary fantasy art), The Inkpot Comic Art Award (Comi-Con International San Diego) in the United States, or the Peregrino Fantasy Prize in Russia, and the Fumetto Cartoomics Millennium award in Italy.