Si volse a Retro · Divina Comedia | Inferno


The exhibition Si Volse a Retro is part of the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri and pays homage to his most famous work, The Divine Comedy, whose tradition in pictorial representation is as rich as it is boundless and offers us a world of references and iconic models of great depth. In this exhibition, the works that are part of this exhibition project created by the Spanish painter Jordi Diaz Alamà in collaboration with the Polish sculptor Grzegorz Gwiazda are presented in a concrete and detailed way.

The epic poem tells the story of a vision, of a journey in which Dante, transported to the supernatural world of medieval theology, contemplates the torments of the damned in Hell, the purification of souls in Purgatory, and the joys of the Righteous in Paradise. The Si Volse a Retro series focuses on the different scenes of Hell, pictorially materializing Dante's most impressive imagery. Each song is represented by a large-format narrative painting (mixed technique on canvas). However, Alamà distances himself from the explicit narration, notably exploring abstract and experimental resources to capture and sublimate the infernal landscape and the terrible torments of sinful souls.

To the representation of the songs will be added the sculptures of the Polish artist Grzegorz Gwiazda and complementary material consisting of portraits of characters and creatures painted by Alamà that will help enrich his vision and interpretation of Dante's Inferno.

On the occasion of the exhibition 'Si Volse a Retro' at the MEAM, the artist Jordi Diaz Alamà organizes an exceptional 4-day course in which students will be immersed in the creative process of this series, to understand its resources, concepts, compositions, and narratives in order to create a personal work materializing his own vision of Dante's Inferno. In this unusual theoretical-practical workshop, Alamà will address the different strategies in the development of his works, from preparatory work and planning with digital software to representation with plastic techniques, with the aim of providing students with tools to conceptualize and develop their own voice and style.

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