The body and the matter

Exhibition in Burgos, Spain.

The Caja de Burgos Foundation hosts at the Casa del Cordón the exhibition ‘The body and matter’

The exhibition, which will remain open until January 26, proposes a stimulating thematic tour through the art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

The exhibition hall of the Casa del Cordón hosts from today until January 26 the exhibition The body and matter in sculpture of the collection of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), composed of more than eighty works by more than seventy authors who trace a stimulating thematic journey through art from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Materiality and three-dimensionality characterize the sculpture from its origin. By its very essence it occupies the same space as the viewer. In that inevitable dialogue, the physical corporality of the sculpture has determined a natural relationship with the human figure, transcending values, beliefs and social aspirations. The body as an attribute of sculpture has been, to a large extent, its great thematic axis since ancient times and the field of experimentation of modernity.

Founded on its two pillars - matter and body -, the exhibition wants to invite the viewer to discover how the modern sculptor approached the representation of the human figure under the cultural and historical conditions that marked the turn of the century: interest in the fragment; the capture of passions and emotions; the taste for the archaic and the primitive; the nude as an indisputable reference of the artist; the renovation of the classic baggage; the uniqueness of the individual and the new modern heroes, in addition to the expressive possibilities of music and movement. The exhibition also aims to deepen the nature and peculiarities of the sculptor's work, illustrating some of the creative and technical processes of the discipline.

As usual, the exhibition is completed with a catalog and is accompanied by educational materials adapted to people with auditory functional diversity, available by downloading QR codes, on the website and in loop projection in the room itself . In addition, guided tours and visits in English and French are offered.

Key figures of the sculptural panorama of the moment such as Auguste Rodin, Antoine Bourdelle, Constantin Meunier, Aristide Maillol, or the Spaniards Julio Antonio, Josep Clarà, Josep Llimona, Agustín Querol or Manolo Hugué have shaped the selection made exclusively for Cultural Cordón. The body and matter brings together a brilliant and exceptional generation of artists, renewing the sculptural language and capable of exploring new creative horizons without renouncing dialogue with tradition and the past.