Jose Luis Corella

A lifetime's brushstrokes

The MEAM, which promotes and disseminates figurative art of the 20th and 21st centuries, presents "Brushstrokes of a life by Jose Luis Corella", the first monographic exhibition of the Valencian artist. The exhibition is made up of 92 works, including paintings, drawings, and sketches. This exhibition presents, in a specific and detailed way, the works that form part of this exhibition project created by the Valencian painter throughout his artistic career.

The exhibition proposes a journey through almost a lifetime, showing what the artist's eyes perceive, what his brushes tell, and what then permeates the public and remains in his mind. Over the years his work has been searching for a path to follow, experimenting and investigating until he finds the right inspiration: the one that moves him.

From his urban landscapes to his nudes (including the innocent childhood of his daughter), everything has a nuance of its own, a color, a light that identifies him. Behind the heartbreaking looks, but full of tenderness, there are sad stories hidden in the depths of the artist's heart. Stories that do not want to be told with words and in which color itself becomes melancholy.

Jose Luis Corella's work is mutant. It transforms into a personal and passionate vision that goes from extreme madness to the purest and cleanest look; a look as clean as his background that makes the rest of the work stand out, enveloping it, defining it, and integrating it.

A realism that at times verges on the dreamlike. A work that is sensible and measured as well as irrational. Bodies that wish to be exhibited whose hands transmit more affection, tenderness, modesty, and sensuality than the nude itself. Pure expression without words. A whole life painting emotions, passions, loneliness, and tenderness. A whole life telling stories in an unfinished path that he continues to travel and that will now become part of the spectator.

(Valencia, Spain, 1959)

Corella studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia, specialising in drawing and painting. He also studied restoration, engraving and sculpture (stone carving).

"I work from light to dark, keeping the colour as clean and vibrant as possible. I don't consider myself to have a clear or defined style, I have never looked for it. Perhaps I differentiate myself by my themes. My evolution in painting is linked to life. One matures, becoming interested in different things, discovering and seeing the world around us and those are my subjects, my family, friends, my environment, what moves me and what I am able to understand".

In 2008, 2009 and 2015 his works "Metamorphosis", "Imagine" and "Juanito", respectively, were selected in the BP Portrait Award competition in London, winning the popular vote on all three occasions.

His works have been exhibited in museums and art fairs around the world.

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