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Modeling in clay

Sculpture Craftmanship 2018/2019

There are several materials that you can use to create an sculpture, but the most common and easier to teach and learn is with refractory clay.

Every wednesday, in the European Museum of Modern Art, carries out sessions of model in clay, under the direction of the artist Mer Jiménez, whos work forms part of the permanent collection Contemporary Figurative Art of the museum.

It is a good opportunity to learn by the hand of professionals already consecrated to the world of the current figurative sculpture. The sessions will take place to the rooms of the Palace Gomis, headquarters of the MEAM, of 16h to 19:30h. We Will count with the presence of models to model the pieces and exercises of the class.

For all levels.

You can join us by sending your data to taquillas@meam.es or calling us: +34933195693

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