• Friday's Blues & DOWN BEAT
    23 Ago 19

    Friday's Blues & DOWN BEAT

    Friday 23rd August, 18 h: Classic Blues with:
    José Bordoy, guitar, harmonica and voice. Reginald Vilardell, drums


    Down Beat is a duo based on the deepest roots of the blues to create and develop a repertoire full of classics of the genre.

    From Mallorca, the guitarist, harmonica player and singer José Bordoy has settled in Barcelona after living a few years in London, where he has performed in the best clubs and venues of the London blues scene. It is in that city where he met Reginald Vilardell who, brings his battery and extensive experience in the world of blues, to complete this original training.

    The knowledge of the genre of these two musicians who now join forces is beyond doubt. We invite you to come and listen and savour a repertoire of classic blues, blunt and warm in many aspects but, at the same time, raw and austere.

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