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    Records d'arreu

    MEAM is one of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in Barcelona. Every Saturday night you can experience excellent performances of classic music in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere with a unique ambiance.

    The Saturday evening concerts in MEAM are held in exceptionally beautiful Renaissance buildings, the Palau Gomis.

    Services included

    • Admission to the clasical concert
    • Admission to the museum; we recommend planning about 1.5 hours for this
    • Drinks (coffee, tea, biscuits). Only beofre the concert.

    Times and fees

    • Each concert starts at 18.00. We recommen to be there 1.5 hours earlier to visit the museum.
    • Normal Admission: €19.00
    • Children until 9 years: €14.00

    Concert by: Gisela Villamayor, soprano. Juan Carlos Blanco, tenor. Eric Varas, piano.

    PROGRAM: Works of the Catalan tradition, Serrat, Léhar, Poulenc..

    Cançó del lladre (tradicional catalana)

    Paraules d´amor (Joan Manuel Serrat)

    Parole, parole (Gianni Ferrio, Leo Chiosso y Giancarlo del Re)

    Santa Lucia luntana (E. A. Mario)

    Lippen Schweigen (Franz Léhar)

    Les chemins de l´amour (Francis Poulenc, Jean Anomilth)

    La Mer (Charles Trenet)

    Blackbird (The Beatles)

    The way you look tonight (Dorothy Fields y Jerome Kern)

    All of me (Gerald Marks, Seymour Somons)

    Sabor a mí (Álvaro Carrillo)

    Quizás, quizás, quizás (Osvaldo Farrés)

    Canto de Ossanha (Vinicius De Moraes y Baden Powell)

    Zamba por vos (Alfredo Zitarrosa)

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Saturday's Classical Concerts

Saturday's Classical Concerts

Tea in the Gomis Palace

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