• Christmas Opera ·  La Serva Padrona
    23 Dic 18

    Christmas Opera · La Serva Padrona

    The maid Serpina, which in Italian means "little snake", takes care of the house of her employer Uberto, a rich and malignant bachelor. When he announces his intention to marry, Serpina assures that she will become the wife of Uberto and the absolute owner of the house. First, it shows Uberto that he can not do without it; Then she pretends that she is going to marry and introduces her supposed boyfriend (who is nothing more than the mute servant Vespone disguised as a soldier.) Serpina finally gives her boss an ultimatum: either he pays her 400 dowry talents or marries her, and Uberto chooses marriage, thus becoming the servant in patron.


    Uberto, Jorge Tello
    Serpina, Romina Krieger
    Vespone, his servant, silent paper, Max Woiski
    Stage direction, Maria Voronkova
    Piano and musical direction, Olga Kobekina

    Romina Krieger and Lyrica Proxxima production



    Aspettare e non venire.....aria Uberto

    Quest'è per me disgrazia ….recitativo Uberto, Serpina

    Sempre in contrasti....aria Uberto

    In somma delle somme ….recitativo Serpina, Uberto

    Stizzoso, mio stizzoso... aria Serpina

    Benissimo. Hai tu inteso?.....recitativo Uberto, Serpina

    Lo conosco a quegli occhietti....duo Serpina, Uberto

    Or che fatto ti sei.... recitativo Serpina, Uberto

    A Serpina penserete....aria Serpina

    Ah! Quanto mi sa male..... recitativo Uberto, Serpina

    Son imbrogliato io già...aria Uberto

    Favorisca, signor, passi...recitativo Serpina, Uberto

    Contento tu sarai ….duo Serpina, Uberto


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