• Masquerade · Carnival Concert
    21 Févr. 21

    Masquerade · Carnival Concert

    We look back to talk about masks, masks ... what do they show? What are they hiding? from where they come? The mask represents the origin of the theater, the refuge of nobles and libertines in their misdeeds, and also the inspiration of literature, music, and art. Symbol of craftsmanship, of history, and also of mischief and even lust. The mask is the object to which we pay tribute in this special carnival concert, which is a mixture of classical music, dance, and theater.

    Olga Kobekina will perform pieces by Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, or Schumann on the piano that will take us to the universe of carnivals, commedia dell 'arte and masquerades. All this will be accompanied by the dancer Julia Isanta and the stage director and music promoter Maria Voronkova.Dramaturgia: Xavi Quero.

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Saturday's Classical Concerts

Saturday's Classical Concerts

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