• Friday´s Blues &  THE BLUES PRISONERS
    06 Mars 20

    Friday´s Blues & THE BLUES PRISONERS

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    Friday, March 6, 18:00: Blues with:
    Sergio Giunta, guitar, voice. Lluís Souto, harmonica

    Year 1989, Joliet Penitentiary Center (Illinois, USA).

    During the famous concert of The Blues Brothers in this prison, two prisoners escaped from the prison, taking advantage of the confusion that arises when all inmates begin to dance frantically to the rhythm of the song "Jailhouse Rock".

    Currently they are still searching and capturing and during all these years they have been seen wandering around different clubs and concert halls doing what they like the most, stealing ... the heart of the public playing blues, their only passion! It happened that someone has "lost" the wallet.

    Be careful !, be alert because any day you can find them and you can end up like them, turned into some ... prisoners of the blues ! although deep down they are two good guys and we totally trust them.

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