Julià Mateu

Temporary exhibition

The great concern of Julià was the painting of the atmosphere, the air, the wind, the liquid and gaseous elements that make up the air in which we move. And certainly, he achieved it. Julià Mateu is the painter of the Wind. All his work reflects that concern to show just what is not seen, to represent the invisible detail.

It is a desire to teach us the atmospheres that exist between a human being and another human being, or between a plant and another plant, or between a still life and another still life, it is the desire to explain in a plastic way the wind that lashes the fields, the waves that travel through space, the emotions that lovers cross with a look or a sigh, the sounds of music, the noise of nature.

In short, Julià Mateu is committed to painting and making visible what is invisible, what our eyes can not see and can not see, but which we really perceive with an exquisite sensibility that makes us feel more alive than even what we see.

For this reason, the MEAM presents an exhibition of the work of Julià Mateu that will open on Thursday, September 26 and will be open until October 27, 2019

Julià Mateu, born in 1941 in Barcelona. He obtained a scholarship to go to the Casa de Campo in Madrid in 1958, and in 1960 he moved to Barcelona, where he made his first solo in 1965. Between 1968 and 1971 he directed the "Sala d'Art Modern", an independent union of artists of the Ciudad Condal. He was successful in Germany and in several European cities but did not want to know anything about starting an international career, and soon took refuge in the town of Sant Martí d'Empúries, on the Costa Brava, where he developed the bulk of his work.