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Barcelona Academy of Art x MEAM

Exploring the Techniques of Classical Masters of Painting

The Barcelona Academy of Art offers an exciting course that will take place at the prestigious MEAM in Barcelona. This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore and understand different pictorial languages, from classical painters like Velázquez and Rembrandt to modern artists like Freud.

Throughout the course, students will immerse themselves in various painting techniques, such as grisaille, glazing, and impasto with calcite, along with other media and methods. Additionally, fundamental concepts of painting, such as limited palette and the use of optical color, will be explored, and additional tools and procedures will be provided to enrich their knowledge.

Not only will the course focus on practical aspects, but also theoretical classes will be offered, addressing key concepts of the art school. These include the study of values, color theory, and the use of specific materials such as mediums and brushes. These theoretical lessons will complement the practical part of the course, allowing students to deeply understand the fundamental principles of painting.

Through the execution of art copies, students will acquire a wide range of pictorial procedures and plastic styles. These copies will serve as valuable practice, while reviewing and reinforcing the technical concepts learned in class.

In summary, this course offers a unique experience where students can explore a variety of pictorial languages, from classical to modern. With a practical and theoretical approach, students will develop technical skills and understand fundamental concepts that will allow them to grow as artists. The inspiring environment of the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) in Barcelona will provide the perfect setting for this exciting artistic journey.

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