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Workshop with Arantzazu Martínez

Workshop with Arantzazu Martínez

The color of the figure and its surroundings, through works of art by Joaquín Sorolla & Alma Tadema and direct observation of reality. From September 27th to 30th, from 9 am to 3 pm.


Tuesday 27 · Theory & Demonstration

The instructing artist will carry out a color study using a work by Joaquín Sorolla as a model. Students will be able to do the same or an Alma Tadema. Both works have been chosen because they have the human figure as their central theme in contexts with intense and different chroma. To finish, we will pass the drawing to the canvas.

Wednesday 28 · Color study

We will carry out the first color study from the chosen work under the supervision of the instructing artist.

Thursday 29 · Painting

In this session, we would switch from interpreting two-dimensional reality to painting from the model. We will carry out the second study of color to consolidate concepts and explain how to approximate the study of color to the natural one.

Friday 30 · Readjustment

 During this last session, we will readjust the work done and we will finish the natural color study.


Drawing materials

  • 2 Faber Castell pencils, 2H and 2B.
  • 1 cutter
  • 1 piece of wet sandpaper
  • Masking tape
  • cake fixer
  • Tracing paper (if possible CARBOPLAN)

 Painting materials

  • Canvas or prepared board, the fabric (preferably linen) should be with as little texture as possible. The fabric can be mounted on a frame or they can work with it glued on a board that the museum will provide.

Next, and as an indication, we will detail the oils used by the instructing artist for the skin. It is not necessary to have the same brands or the same colors. For the background, yellow, red and blue to be able to get any color.

  • False Lead White (Flake White) - Winsor & Newton (Can be any white)
  • Cadmium Yellow Dark - Winsor & Newton (any brand)
  • Yellow Ocher – W&N or any brand or (Old Holland Mars Yellow)
  • Cadmium Red - Winsor & Newton (any brand)
  • Flesh Ocher - Old Holland (You can easily do without it).
  • Transparent Oxide Red Lake - Old Holland This one is important for carnations and they have it too at Rembrandt
  • Dark carranza carmine or carmine lacquer- Winsor & Newton (Any brand)
  • Tan umberland - Winsor & Newton (Any brand)
  • Smoke Black, or Blue Black - Winsor & Newton or Payne Old Holland Gray (Any brand)
  • As a medium we will use linseed oil (we will use it very little), with a small bottle it is more than enough.
  • Lavender essence to clean the brush or odorless turpentine; rags.
  • The brushes with soft hair so as not to drag the paint, not very large ones but rather a small ones because we are going to be working with small formats. Round brushes are recommended.
  • A slightly larger and flat brush for backgrounds and to spread the oil.
  • Some very small and new for the small details.
  • The palette made of wood or wood or neutral color.
  • A small spatula to mix some color on the palette and clean it.

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