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Avdanced painting program

The painter's Craft 3.0

In October, the European Museum of Modern Art, will start again its artistic-educational activity. In its endeavor to promote and disseminate the Figurative Art, the MEAM has organized an advanced painting course. With this course, we intend that the students acquire the foundations of the work of painter, through the Western pictorial tradition from the techniques of the great masters. We could describe it as a concentrated, agile and adaptable version of modern life that was taught in the old workshops and academies, such as the oil technique.

The first quarter will be in charge of the artist Luis García Mozos, cartoonist, publisher, illustrator and painter. He has worked for the most prestigious publishers of comics, as well as directing publications such as Rambla. He is currently focused on the world of painting, where he stands out for the realism of his works.

The second quarter will feature masterclasses of artists represented in the permanent collection of MEAM.

This year we finished the course with a new program of studies for the third quarter, by the artist Alberto Romero Gil, considered, for his pictorial and intellectual evolution, as one of the most solid emergent values ??of Catalan realism. He is a teacher and a great connoisseur of the great masters of painting, and has expanded his training in the Chair of Antonio López García.

Classes are held every Wednesday from 4pm. at 8pm. in the Noble Hall of Palau Gomis, the museum's headquarters. It has a total of 300 hours of worl. The classes are in spanish.-

To reserve your place and register, call us at 933195693 or write to us at taquillas@meam.es.

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