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Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Bastard Philosophy and Theater

A new proposal of the MEAM. In "Bastard Philosophy and Theater" we seek to bring to light the ideas that each one has inside, not the beliefs that have been imposed on us.

We want to eliminate barriers between the stage and the public, we want the philosopher that each one carries inside to come out, we want to generate a space of communication in which each one can contribute an idea or see how ideas on different everyday topics are exchanged. But always giving an innovative point of view on each of the concepts that, perhaps, in these debates, we were taking for granted, and we discovered that they were not as they had been sold to us.

We start the session with a microtheater work, brief and very concise. Then the debate is provoked among the audience (whoever wishes to can only listen, which is also exciting), with Nicolás Acevedo as master of ceremonies. And, in the end, as a fitting culmination, some professional improvisers master the elaborated by the public, with the active intervention of the same, which is modifying the argument in an amazing process of collective improvisation.

Show in Spanish

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