at the workshop of Joseph Clarà

Plaster casts of an unique sculptor

After the success of the exhibition of the 150th anniversary of the sculptor Josep Limona, the MEAM is preparing another show of similar popularity, centered on the figure of the catalan sculptor Josep Clarà. To this end, the museum has established a partnership with the Museum of the Garrotxa of Olot, depository institution of the sculptor's work, which provides works on the occasion of this exhibition. The Museum of Garrotxa in Olot will host the exhibition in 2017.

The exhibition is centered in the workshop of Josep Clara, a unique show which explains the path of this Olot's sculptor and highlights the most important works. Thus, it invites visitors to trace back his beginnings and his jump to Paris, his symbolist works and Noucentist, his public projects and portraits, up to his last years. At the same time, the show aims to bring to the public the concept of the workshop of the sculptor and his work, from the first idea to formalize it in final material, self-ordering processes and creative, collaborative work between the sculptor and assistants, the techniques used, etc.

The exhibition is the entire first floor of MEAM and includes a total of about 55 sculptures from many different formats, reaching measures 2 meters tall, explanatory panels will accompany the tour to create an educational and interesting artistic evolution of Josep Clara speech. There will also be a reconstruction of the sculptor's workshop, with photographs, models, molds, plaster works, tools, etc., capable of teaching activities for schools, pairs, etc.

Josep Clarà Ayats (Olot, 1878 - Barcelona, ??1958) is one of the most famous Catalan artists of the early twentieth century, and one of the most internationally renowned figures of his generation.