Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Women artists today

Temporary exhibition

On Thursday, March 8, coinciding with the celebration of International Women's Day, the MEAM presents an exhibition of Spanish artists, painters and sculptors, who show the best that is being done today in the field of contemporary figuration. The MEAM has made a selection, among the remarkable current production, to present the latest works that women have made and are doing in the plastic arts.

The exhibition includes works by 26 painters and 12 sculptors, all of them of a high level of quality, among which stands out an unpublished work by Lita Cabellut courtesy of the artists specially for the exhibition.

Both the day of the inauguration and during the months that the exhibition is open, parallel activities will be carried out, such as workshops, workshops and conferences around the increasingly important importance of women in society and specifically in the world of culture. and contemporary art.

  • On the one hand, and with the collaboration of Barcelona Art Experience, the painters Irene Cuadrado and Laura Cameo will give a portrait workshop aimed at acquiring our way of doing things through the development of our own critical sense. To book visit the following link:
  • On the other hand, sculptor Mer Jimenez organizes sculpture workshops under the title Women of the World. It is a series of sculpture workshops with a living model where the models will be women of different ethnic groups who will represent all the women of the world. To book visit:
  • Guided tours, saturday and sunday 12pm. Language: spanish.

The exhibition includes works by 26 painters and 12 sculptors, all of them of a high level of quality. The painters represented are the following:

Maria José Cortés Antequera, Marta de Olano, Macu Jordá, Carmen Mansilla, Arantzazu Martínez, Laura Rios, Virginia Bersabe, Amaya Corbacho, Irene Cuadrado, Miriam Escofet, Leonor Solans, Julia Santa Olalla, Sofia Zuluaga, Olga Esther, Marta Zapirain, Natalia Nombela, Almudena Mahiques, Isabel Garmon, Susana Ragel, Rosa Diaz, Laura Cameo, Margarita Cuesta, Josefa Medina, Lita Cabellut and a special mention for Soledad Fernández. As for the sculptors, Teresa Guerrero, Mer Jimenez, Patricia Riveras, Ana Rosenzweig, Cristina Sintes, Laia Pla, Rebeca Sánchez, Marta Moreu, María Iglesias Carbonell, Nuria Torras, Marta Solsona and Inmaculada Jordá.


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