Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Los Diálogos del Agua

Collective exhibition · VYA Gallery

VYA Art Gallery's mission is to foster creativity and artistic expression by promoting emerging and established artists in the contemporary art world. They believe in the value of innovation and originality, and pride themselves on being a platform for the dissemination of new art forms.

Their vision is to be a space where artists can showcase their work and connect with a global audience through both virtual and in-person exhibitions. They strive to create an inclusive and collaborative environment, where art in all its forms is valued and the exchange of ideas and perspectives is encouraged.

They are committed to excellence in art and culture, and work tirelessly to offer unique and inspiring experiences to all their visitors and artists.

The exhibition can be visited from April 2 until April 9 at the Espai Princesa, located on the second floor of MEAM.

The Diálogos del Agua is a collective art exhibition that seeks to immerse the viewer in an emotional journey through the essential element of life: water.

Through their works, these artists explore the nuances and omnipresence of water, inviting the viewer to reflect on its importance, its transforming power and its connection to life itself.

Barcelona, with its intrinsic connection to the Mediterranean Sea, has become the perfect setting for this unique artistic event that brings together talented artists from various disciplines.

We are fortunate to have the works of María Treviño, Ana P. Serres, Cristobal Pérez García, Dresu, Cristina Pitarch, Alexander Lomas, Victoria Canals, Nancy Miranda, Ann Flake, Ana Carrascosa and Raquel van Halen.


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