Opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11m to 7pm

Urbes, contemporary landscape.

International group show

From September 27, 2024, to January 26, 2025, the museum will gather around forty works by contemporary figurative artists that capture the essence and diversity of modern cities.

In this exhibition, dedicated to the contemporary urban landscape, we will explore how today's artists represent the reality of their environment, a dialogue between destruction and construction, between the individual and the collective, and between vision and transformation. The works invite us to reflect on the constant changes in the urban landscape, driven by both progress and environmental, social, political, and cultural challenges.

The pieces will showcase the diversity and cultural richness of urban life, reflecting the process of transformation and modernization of the city and highlighting the contrast between the old and the new. The exhibition offers a personal and subjective perspective of the artist on life in the city, including feelings, emotions, and individual experiences.


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