• Workshop with Jordi Díaz Alamà
    24 May 22

    Workshop with Jordi Díaz Alamà

    The creative process, the inferno of Díaz Alamà.

    On the occasion of the exhibition 'Si Volse a Retro' at the MEAM, the artist Jordi Diaz Alamà organizes an exceptional 4-day course in which students will be immersed in the creative process of this series, to understand its resources, concepts, compositions, and narratives in order to create a personal work materializing his own vision of Dante's Inferno. In this unusual theoretical-practical workshop, Alamà will address the different strategies in the development of his works, from preparatory work and planning with digital software to representation with plastic techniques, with the aim of providing students with tools to conceptualize and develop their own voice and style.



    Main topics

    1. Strategy and planning
    2. Composition and narrative
    3. Technique and plastic resources
    4. Concepts in representation

    Workshop details.

    • Duration: 4 days.
    • Date: from Tuesday, May 24th to Friday, May 27th, 2022.
    • Registration open until April 24th.
    • Total price: €650. They do not include the materials detailed below.
    • Book your spot now for €325, the following amount must be made before the start of the course. The possibility of fractional payment is offered, consult promocio@meam.es.
    • Hours: 6h/day (from 9am to 3pm). Coffee break included.
    • Maximum 10 students.

    On the last day of the workshop, and to celebrate the end of the last session, the museum invites attendees to a meal with the artist. Also in the afternoon, you can enjoy the Friday Blues concert.

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