• The most current Figurative Art for the Nit dels Museus 2021
    15 May 21

    The most current Figurative Art for the Nit dels Museus 2021

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    For the Nit dels Museus 2021, the MEAM presents its new collection of contemporary figurative art with new works by international artists awarded in the most outstanding competitions in the field of international figurative art. The innovative acquisitions of painting and sculpture are the result of the calls for international competitions of the Foundation for the Arts and Artists, and also the result of the museum's permanent relationship with artists from all over the world.

    In total, the collection already has a thousand works by more than 300 artists from countries on the five continents, in a fund that is growing and becoming one of the most prestigious collections of figurative art currently in the world, both for its quality of the work presented as for the diversity of its authors. All the works presented are by living artists, who carry out their work today, and thus form the most genuine of the artistic production of our times. The objective is to show a critical attitude towards the monotonous situation of contemporary art, in whose panorama no trend stood out other than abstraction, experimentation or destruction of form.

    Today, the MEAM is already a turning point in the level of penetration of figurative art in wide sectors of today's society, generating a change of perspective in many art professionals, who are beginning to understand that the art of our century It already needs new approaches and new goals, very unrelated to the canons and clichés inherited from the previous century.

    The MEAM presents on this occasion another way, deeply original and novel, of seeing and feeling the art of our days.

    From the MEAM we actively work to make the facilities safe for visitors and workers. For this reason, the capacity is reduced to 50%. The museum will set up three time slots (18am, 19pm and 20pm) to guarantee compliance with the safety distance and capacity.

    El museu, un espacio seguro.

    Todos nuestros conciertos cumplen la legislación local y las recomendaciones sanitarias en materia de protección y seguridad. En concreto, esta actividad tiene las siguientes medidas:

    • Se mantendrá la distancia de seguridad de 1 metro entre asistentes siempre que sea posible.
    • El uso de mascarilla es obligatorio. El asistente debe llevar su propia mascarilla.
    • Se facilitará gel hidroalcohólico antes, durante y después del concierto.
    • Control de aforo
    • Todo el personal implicado llevará mascarilla durante la realización del concierto.
    • Se evitará la entrega de material impreso como mapas o folletos.
    • Será suficiente con tener el bono o reserva en el móvil y no imprimirlo.

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