• Opera · Carmen  de Georges Bizet
    27 Oct 19

    Opera · Carmen de Georges Bizet

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    “Love is a gypsy child; he has never, ever, known the law. If you love me not, then I love you; and if I love you, you better watch out!”

    Carmen means freedom, passion, instinct. Carmen is a beautiful woman, a provocative gypsy whom Don Josè falls in love with, a corporal of the guard. Dragged by his love, he joins a band of smugglers, failing to fulfill his duties as a soldier. Micaela, childhood friend will try to make Don Josè back on her steps, but Carmen begins to fall in love with another man and Don Josè goes crazy.
    Jealousy, the immense freedom of a woman without ties, the desire to possess her will end this relationship and its protagonist.



    Carmen, Maria Melnychyn

    Don Josè, Facundo Muñoz

    Micaela / Narrator, Romina Kriger

    Stage Director, Maria Voronkova

    Piano and musical direction, Olga Kobekina

    Produced by Meam and Proxxima



    L'amour est un oiseau rebelle... Habanera

    Quels regards! Quelle effronterie... Récitative

    Parle moi de ma mère!..  Duo

    Près des remparts de Séville...Seguidille et duo

    En chemin je te pousserai...Final

    Chanson Bohème...

    Enfin c'est toi! .. Récitative

    Je vais danser en votre honneur...Duo

    La fleur que tu m'avais jeté...Air

    En vain pour éviter les résponses...

    C'est des contrebandiers...Je dis que rien m'épuovante ...Air

    C'est toi! C'est moi!...Duo et Final


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